Backpacking In The Pyrenees September 1997

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The walk follows the GR10 French national walk, mostly on the French side of the border, though with some parts in Spain. On the ground the route is marked by red and white dashes of paint, and the national border may be guessed as the transition point between greenery (French side) and scrub (Spanish side).
The route starts in the Atlantic foothills of the Basque country - a green and verdant land 'famous' for producing 'Gateau Basque' (think egg-custard tart), and continues to the Meditteranean coast. Karen and Myself completed about a quarter of this distance in the time we had, to the most southerly point on the map, before turning-off northwards to Bedous and home.
To undertake this trip you will need the IGN maps 'pays basque ouest', 'pays basque est' and 'bearn'. We also found helpfull this guide book on the left, 'The Pyrenean Trail' by Alan Castle and published by Cicerone, ISBN:1-85284-245-8. The trails on the ground, on the maps and in the guide occasionally are different as the route is varied to combat erosion, this was not a problem, the recommended procedure being to follow the paint on the ground. I also expect that a new edition has been released since 1997.